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The Basic Yi Jing, Oracle of Change


The main purpose of this translation is to create a version that is most suitable as a divination tool. Nevertheless, while exploring the inner structure and workings of the Yi, the authors felt the need to express its abstract and philosophical aspect in an addition named The Twelfth Wing. The text is based on the Zhou Yi ascribed to King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty. The authors stayed with the structure and attempted to construct The Basic Yi Jing, easy and simple, and as close as possible to the essence of the Yi-tradition. (revised edition 2012)

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author: Dany Chin & Budhy Chen
characteristic: Asia, Philosophy

year: 2009, 2012
publisher: Olive Press
pages: 472
binding: paperback
size: 21,5×14 cm
ISBN/EAN: 9789077787182


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